Brake Calipers

Brake Calipers: Why You Need Them

Squeeze Me Tight for a Safe Ride

What’s a Brake Caliper

Brake calipers are usually pretty tough components of your vehicle’s disk braking system. The longevity of this brake system component can vary depending on your driving habits and the environment in which you drive most often. Because most caliper manufacturers don’t want to recommend a set interval for replacement, they recommend you have the calipers inspected by a certified technician at a certified brake repair shop like K20 Auto Repair in Holly Springs, NC. Brake Calipers are the components of the brake system which squeeze the brake pads against the rotors so your vehicle can slow down. If a caliper fails, that brake is no longer contributing to the slowing and stopping of your vehicle.

If your vehicle is pulling to one when you brake, you may have failing calipers. Uneven brake pad wearing is another sign of a failing caliper that an inspection by your mechanic can catch early. You may also notice a brake fluid leak or strange noises when you brake. No matter what signs you see of a failing brake caliper, your best chance is to bring your vehicle to your preferred repair shop. The best way to ward off catastrophic brake failures is to have your brakes inspected. You might want to ask your mechanic to inspect your brakes when you get your regular oil changes, or you can make an appointment for a brake inspection as part of your regular maintenance schedule. Early detection of brake system problems will save you time and money and could save your life. The last place you want to be when you discover you have a brake failure is behind the wheel and heading for a collision with an object or other vehicle.

K20 Auto Repair Has Your Back

If you’re in the Holly Springs area and you’ve noticed any of the signs from above, or it’s just been a very long time since having your brakes inspected, why not give the team at K20 Auto Repair a call to make an appointment for a brake inspection, diagnostic, and repair? Or, if you prefer, you can stop by the shop to speak with our customer service advisors and certified technicians in person. The team is here to help keep you on the road and driving–and stopping–safely.

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